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Pies and Pasties

Homemade Pork Pies

Our Pork Pies are made in house using our own pork which is reared on the farm along with the finest of ingredients

Small Pork Pies

Traditional Pork

With Chorizo

With Red Onion Marmalade and Lancashire Cheese

With Apple and Stilton

With Black Pudding

With Branston Pickle and Lancashire Cheese

Traditionally Hand-raised Pork Pies and Other Fillings

These are larger and are uniquely handcrafted, various sizes and some different fillings

Flavour and Size Available

Traditional 10oz/1lb/2lb/3lb/5lb

Fidget (Pork, Ham, Apple, Stuffing) 10oz/1lb/2lb/3lb/5lb

Pork, Ham and Mustard 10oz/1lb/2lb/3lb/5lb

Pork, Apple and Black Pudding 10oz/1lb/2lb/3lb/5lb

Turkey, Ham and Cranberry 1lb/2lb/3lb

Game 10oz/1lb/2lb/3lb

The above pies are our standard range, however if there is something you want & can't see it then please ask & we may be able to accommodate

Pasty Corner

This is our home-baked Pasty Selection

Sausage Roll

Cornish Pasty

Cheese and Onion

Other Pies

Homemade and Baked (some unbaked) in house

Meat and Potato – Baked

Small Steak – Baked

Large Family Pies – Unbaked

Quiches – Various

Cheese of the Week